Our Values

At Stone Management, we are guided daily by the core principles which are deeply rooted in the firm’s past. Every single candidate who walks through our doors is treated according to these values.


Our clients and candidates are our only concerns.

Strong ethics and trust are the day-to-day principles we strictly adhere to. These principles help foster a productive and trustworthy relationship with our clients, which helps us deliver better results.


We take client and candidate confidentiality very seriously.

Our clients trust us with valued information because we truly care about confidentiality. Candidate privacy and discretion is rooted firmly in our firm’s core beliefs.


We strive to make ourselves accessible to clients and candidates.

Our firm and its principals are always accessible. We pride ourselves in being highly responsive in many types of situations, and are keenly aware of the urgency of many matters.


We like to avoid surprises, too. Clients and candidates expect accurate job positions.

Our past and current clients know being accurate is highly important to our firm and its principals. We stand out within our industry by verifying the accuracy of documents and positions repeatedly to avoid any mistakes.


We value diversity, and consistently work with a diverse pool of job candidates.

Diversity is extremely important to our firm and its principals, as it brings dynamic talent and abilities to the table. Without diversity, new perspectives, skills and capabilities can be overlooked.