Our Process

For candidates

1. Career Assessment

We thoroughly review each candidate’s background and determine what positions, firms, and industries are compatible, We work with the candidate to highlight specific experiences, projects, and initiatives that may or may not be present on his/her resume to clearly present strengths and unique qualities.

Our team personally interviews candidates on an ongoing basis to learn more about his/her goals,needs and motivations, creating a pool of current, quality talent readily available to meet our client’s needs.

2. Client Requirements

We maintain ongoing relationships with our clients, keeping abreast of relevant internal and external dynamics and changes. By knowing our clients well, as companies and individuals, we are more effective and efficient in supporting their needs for the best talent resources.

With each search, we work closely with the appropriate key decision-makers and human resources to ensure clear communication and a smooth process with the very best results.

3. Research

Where does good research come from? In the world of digital media and social media, good research is a combination of strong web-based networks and traditional personal networks. As early adopters of database management and LinkedIn in our recruitment, we leverage social media platforms to identify qualitifed candidates and work more efficiently with our clients.

We assist clients and candidates by monitoring, streamlining and screening the overabundant, excess information available online. Additionally, we serve as a resource to provide reliable knowledge of trends in hiring and compensation.

4. Position Evaluation

We conduct a thorough, multi-phase interview process to ensure that the candidate is the right fit for a particular firm or company. We strive to “get it right” the first time and to place the best fitting quality candidate in the appropriate position within each unique company.

5. Presentation

We present the best candidates for a specific search to a firm or company based upon a detailed understanding of the position. The size of our roster of candidates varies with the preferences of each client but always highlights the background qualifications and personal attributes that make each candidate a serious contender. We work with you to get it done right and within your timeline.

6. Reference Check

In accordance with the strong industry values of accuracy, reliability and transparency, we screen all candidates thoroughly to ensure that all information that has been provided to us is accurate.

7. Negotiation

We manage expectations between candidates and employers and work to develop fair and balanced employee compensation and benefit packages.

8. Follow Up

It is our number-one priority to continually and consistently follow-up, providing real-time updates to both candidates and clients during the recruitment process. We are on top of it at all times. After every placement, we do a post-placement check-up to ensure satisfaction and to improve our own processes going forward.